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A reasonable place to sleep

I like nice hotels, and one night when I went to sleep in one, I realized that I can’t see the nice design I’m paying for. 
So instead of sleeping I wrote up these ads for Super 8 Motels.

With: Yelena Sophia


Communication Arts Award of Excellence 2016

Radio I: Safe

VO: At Super8 Motels, we don’t have safes.
Don’t worry, if you had a whole lot of money,
you’d be somewhere where they have safes.
And then a whole lot of money would be in that safe.
And on your mind. Worrying you, keeping you up at night.
But you are here, in a room with no safe but
plenty of bed. And you’re free to dream
about whatever you want. Like having
a whole lot of money or a safe in your room.

ANNCR: Super 8 Motel. A reasonable place to sleep

Radio II: Front Desk

Front desk lady (monotone, bored):
Welcome to Super 8 Motel, do you have a reservation?
VO: Now some say our front desk could be flirtier.
But that flirting would just keep you up at night.
Because she totally winked there, right?
And she wouldn’t do that to anyone, would she?
No, she wouldn’t. What do I do now?
Should I go back and ask something?
Talk about the weather? Nice out, isn’t it?
Why would she care, she’s in a building,
that’d just make her mad. Would she even
recognize me? I bet she would...
(fades out)

ANNCR: Super 8 Motel. A reasonable place to sleep

Radio III: Lobby Bar

VO: At Super 8 we don’t have a lobby bar.
Without a lobby, a lobby bar is just a bar.
And we don’t run a bar, we run a motel.
Which is not a place where you want to find
yourself up all night, thinking: “What if Hank
hadn’t taken that job in Albuquerque?
Do I even know a Hank?
Would Erin have cheated on Hank?
And would Tommy have better grades?
No. Why am I still up? Why Erin? Why?

ANNCR: Super 8 Motel. A reasonable place to sleep

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These stickers mock other hotels and their ridiculous "extras".

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