Servus, (that’s German) I’m Kevin (also German), an award-winning freelance copywriter who’s worked at neat places like Wieden + Kennedy, Mother, MAL, Johannes Leonardo, Fig, Google, Netflix, Meta, and some more. My work has been awarded at Cannes, the One Show, the ADC, and The Webby’s. It’s been featured on Adage, Adweek and in my family’s What’sApp group. I’m glad you’re here, feel free to leave your shoes on, and holler if you need anything. 


    My grades in high school were okay, despite of this. ︎

    On the first day of a school trip to Berlin, I bought a megaphone.

    There was no second day for me.

    At one point in my life I almost dropped out of college
    to become a professional poker player.

    At that point in my mom’s life she destroyed a poker career.

    In 2013 I walked into my first ad job interview wearing a suit.
    Thanks for hiring me anyways, Ben.

    If you want to hire me for a gig, I promise: no suits.