I'm a German-born-award-winning-freelance-ACD-Writer. 

    80% hyphen, 20% human.

    Before freelance at W+K, FIG, JL, mother, Netflix, Google, etc.
    I was a writer at Media Arts Lab L.A. on Apple,
    a creative resident at Wieden+Kennedy PDX on Nike,
    and a student at VCU Brandcenter on caffeine.
    My grades in high school were okay, despite of this. ︎

    On the first day of a school trip to Berlin, I bought a megaphone.

    There was no second day for me.

    At one point in my life I almost dropped out of college
    to become a professional poker player.

    At that point in my mom’s life she destroyed a poker career.

    In 2013 I walked into my first ad job interview wearing a suit.
    Thanks for hiring me anyways, Ben.

    If you want to hire me for a gig, I promise: no suits.