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I'm a German-born-English-speaking-greencarded-award-winning-copywriter. 80% hyphen, 20% human.

I’m currently working at Media Arts Lab in Los Angeles on all things Apple, perviously I’ve been a creative resident at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland on Nike, and before that I was copywriter at DDB in Hamburg on Volkswagen.

My grades in high school were okay, despite of this.

On the first day of a school trip to Berlin, I bought a megaphone.
There was no second day for me.

At one point in my life I was about to drop out of college to pursue poker full-time.
At one point in my mom’s life she talked her son out of making a really dumb mistake.

In 2013 I walked into my first ad job interview  wearing a suit.
Thanks for hiring me anyways, Ben.

Over the years I’ve gotten better at making ads and interview fashion choices.

If you like the former, I’ll gladly prove the latter in person. 

//   The End ︎