I’ve worked with Wieden + Kennedy, Media Arts Lab, mother, Johannes Leonardo, Fig, DDB, Netflix, Facebook, and more. On brands such as: Adidas, Apple, Google, LG, Nike, Uber, Visa, Volkswagen, Vrbo, but no more brands starting with the letter V. Undefeated in pitches.

My grades in high school were okay, despite of this. ︎

On the first day of a school trip to Berlin, I bought a megaphone.

There was no second day for me.

At one point in my life I almost dropped out of college to become a professional poker player.

At that point in my mom’s life she destroyed a poker career.   

In 2013 I walked into my first ad job interview wearing a suit. I got hired anyways.

If you want to hire me for a gig, I promise: no suits.

(804)-928-9442  // kevinbenjaminfitz@gmail.com